Divine EVO Belfyre B8 QR Code for Beyblade Burst App Digitally Reproduced By BOOBA

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This page will be updated regularly as new Beys are added to the collection. If a Bey has recently been Unwrapped/Uncovered and you don’t see the QR code here yet check for the post on the home page.

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Is there an previously BOOBA Unwrapped/Uncovered Beyblade or Beyblade Accessory that you would like the Beyblade Burst App QR Code for but it isn’t available? Contact us, either here via the website or on BOOBA’s Social Media and we’ll work on reproducing it.

I thought it would be fun to throw some pictures of BOOBA Beyblades at the new QQ cartoon AI.

Suffice to say, the AI has no idea what a Beyblade is, and comes up with some interesting, imaginative alternatives.

I hope you enjoy this brief, and enlightening look at how an artificial intelligence views a Beyblade!

Chillbro Baggins
Commissioner of BOOBA