The Vision of BOOBA

BOOBA is committed to creating real joy and community.

BOOBA’s Mission

At BOOBA we focus on four core principles to outline our mission: Fun, Unity, Community, and Kindness.

  • FUN: Through exciting and entertaining, by instilling a sense of real joy and wonder.
  • UNITY: By empowering and recognizing community leaders, and making BOOBA as accessible as possible to anyone interested. By hosting an online hub for Beyblade Battle Entertainment. By telling, listening to, and sharing stories; together, within the Blading community.
  • COMMUNITY: Through the creation of and continually fostering an environment of openness, acceptance, dialogue, and understanding between Beybladers. Amplifying the already great Blading community to new heights! Giving back to community whenever possible.
  • KINDNESS: Through acceptance and facilitation: for anyone with an interest in Beyblades, Beyblade Battles, the Blading Community, and Beyblade Entertainment. To gift them ideas, tools, and tips, on how to become better (and smarter) Bladers every day!

BOOBA Battle Rules

Curious to know the Beyblade Battle Rules we follow here at BOOBA? Find out about the BOOBA Beyblade Battle Rules.