Hello BOOBA Fans!

As many of you may have noticed, the content output of BOOBA has slowed dramatically over the last month, I wanted to take this opportunity (now that I have a spare moment) to address why that is and what the BOOBA has planned for the future.

On April 26th my private residence was compromised, by who, I am unaware. During this compromise a good deal of personal electronics and BOOBA’s intellectually property were taken from my possession. Two to three months worth of BOOBA Unwrapped content as well as all of BOOBA’s digital assets were on a portable hard drive that was taken, and as of writing this, have yet to be recovered.

Thankfully, during all of this, only two Beys from BOOBA’s inventory have gone missing; Wizard Fafnir Pro Series and Xcalius X3. Both are actually huge losses; but with a collection of over 80 Beys so far, BOOBA can make do without them for now.

In terms of the content road map going forward: I’m going to have to get creative.

I’ve also lost access to my residence where most of BOOBA’s Bey collection is currently stored, and because of irresponsible/ignorant/malicious forces I have been unable to reclaim my rightful space and property.

I have been in contact with, and working closely with local and federal law enforcement agencies to resolve this issue, as well as others that have been plaguing BOOBA and the Beyblade community for some time.

Until there is resolution I have decided that BOOBA will be going Underground, using the limited resources I have available to me I feel this is the smartest move to make.

Also, as I have not had access to my residence for some time, and for the sake of personal safety (as some individuals I have outed as bad actors have begun personally harassing and attacking me), I have made myself and BOOBA much more mobile, able to get up and go to another location at a moment’s notice.

Don’t worry about me, I am doing what I have to do, to do it right, for everyone. If that means I have to accept my personal safety may be in jeopardy than so be it. In the famous words of Spock, “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one.”

Though content may not be as regular as it once was, for some time, I am still committed to producing and delivering high quality Beyblade Entertainment for everyone to enjoy! Please look forward to the future of BOOBA and Beyblade, the recently announced BOOBA Pro Division (a worldwide divisional Beyblade Battle League for Professional Beybladers), and what we can all accomplish if we put our best selves forward!

More importantly than any of that though, make sure you stay spinnin’ 👍


Chillbro Baggins
Commissioner of BOOBA

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