It’s been a whole year already, and what a year it’s been since BOOBA started! For the Boobaversary Week we will have bonus #BOOBAunwrapped, bonus #BOOBAbattles, and more!

We’ve had nearly 200 battles and almost 100 #BOOBAunwrapped/uncovered since beginning at the start of November 2021, as well as a handful of livestreams between YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

The most notable events, slated to return for another year are:

  • Happy Hypersphere Holidays
  • BOOBA Summer Spin

For BOOBA’s second year we’d like to slowly branch out of short form video content, working towards creating longer form videos for you to enjoy.

We are currently working on producing two different Beyblade Entertainment programs; one which is traditional battling with a twist, and another which will be very much unlike other Beyblade videos you have seen. These may be months away yet as we work to nail down the details and formats.

Also expect the return of ASMR with BOOBA; Brave Valkyrie is scheduled to be the next Bey featured.

It’s also very likely that BOOBA unwrapped content will start to wind down dramatically in 2023, as fewer releases will mean fewer Beys to unbox. We are, however, looking forward to the Sparking Pro Series Releases coming throughout 2023.

Marking One Year Of BOOBA We Would Like To Recognize:

  • 1000+ Subscribers on YouTube
  • 1300+ Followers on TikTok
  • 500+ Followers on Instagram

Thank you all for your support and helping make BOOBA Beyblade Entertainment an enjoyable experience after one year!

Stay spinnin’,

Chillbro Baggins
Commissioner of BOOBA